Monday, September 12, 2011

Rozita Che Wan Akan Bertanding Jawatan Ketua Puteri UMNO Lawan Rosnah Rashid Shirlin…?

Singles and young men, young shoots right ... will be chosen as a husband. It was recognized by Rozita Che Wan, 37, via FM radio rays.

"Young men do not like to lead us when old, they prefer to lead. That's what I'm not attracted to old men.

"But that does not mean I can not accept or follow the instructions. In certain cases, I am a according to.

"Over the past nine years as a single mother, my own decisions and do not need the presence of male dominance in all things behave," he said.

About relations with the eighth season of Akademi Fantasia winners (AF8) or Shahir Ahmad Shahir Zawani, 23, a former member of nasyid group Saujana, Rozita said she was comfortable with the relationship.

"A year is the age of three months of my relationship with Shahir and the level of our relations are now in a more comfortable situation.

"We have more mutual understanding between each other and of course, good relationships are taken to another level.

"The question I submit to God's mate for sure the fate of a good thing forbidden, that is what I want from the relationship for both of us," he said.

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