Monday, September 12, 2011

Apakah Maksud Sebenar "Duri Dalam Daging"..?

CIMB is a combination of several banks that originally bertunggakkan Bank Bumiputra Berhad. It was later changed to Bumiputra Commerce Berhad, and finally to CIMB is after the merger with Southern Bank and re-branding (check out the rebranding).

Although the indigenous political groups are not satisfied with the indigenous name of abortion but not many publicly protested for not being seen as racist.

An UMNO leaders in jest said there was still the word Malay in the Malay and bumiputera CIMB just not a priority anymore. He said CIMB was the first bank in Malaysia as it singakatan to the Chinese, Indians, Malays Bank.

Perhaps because his priority was Chinese, then Malays can not expect anything special to the bank, although it is led by the Prime Minister's brother, Nazir Razak.

CIMB very surprising not only satisfy even the majority of the Chinese keeper was native, but also willing to advertise in the, news portals that serve as a tool destroying the Barisan Nasional and the Malaysian government.

Malaysiakini published news every day bad government propaganda, the Prime Minister, Barisan Nasional, UMNO and the Malays, but CIMB-dominated Malay government and the blind faith they continue to provide sponsorship worth perhaps millions of dollars a year to

What should a GLC, led by the brother of the Prime Minister provide advertisements to the Malaysiakini news portal which not only work down the BN since 1999, and even rumored to receive a lot of provisions in the home and abroad to undermine the existing government.

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