Sunday, September 11, 2011

PRU 1999 dan PRU 2004, BN masuk gelanggang tanpa Anwar Ibrahim berdiri disaf paling depan parti lawan, iaitu Pembangkang.

Pak Lah's leadership weaknesses that often fell asleep also saw the failure of the BN pockets of problems people care ..! ... Prices soar, the price of petrol blaze of glory makes people short of breath and was beginning to hear curses, desperate people want to "change the government", to "teach the BN government."

GE Result 2008 really saw the People's Power ...! Tsunami GE 2008 made ​​by the sacred hands of the people through the ballot, then inverted and tertiaraplah many prominent political figures BN menyembam to earth.

Even if we Refine detailed results of GE 2008 real and clear that among the members of the BN members themselves did not vote for BN, tell to give victory to the opposition alliance candidate ....

Well ...! Can we flip back with a clear history ...? Proved that the opposition alliance won not because they are strong and powerful ...

Thus meaning that the BN is not lost because the strength of the opposition coalition candidates ...!

BN lost because of weak government, the leadership of Pak Lah as the PM is crippled, complacent .. forget ..., fell asleep ...! Pak Lah is not reckless with all the bad behavior of those around him, and most importantly, the government under Pak Lah does not "care" problems and grievances of the people ....

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