Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kerajaan BN-Najib Hampir Pasti Tumbang Pada PRU Ke 13…! Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar's biggest success if many BN leaders have yet to realize is the deep bow to the opposition alliance Anwar formula to require GE to 12 in 2008 they used the formula "straight fight" the "one on one".

Anwar's great at that time had mencaturkan hundreds of seats in each state and each state assembly that there is no overlapping of Candidates .., there is no overlapping of opposition candidates. In theoretical terms, if PAS contested, there is no PKR or DAP will make trouble, and in fact this is the early sign of BN will face stiff competition.

According to officials whispered secret that helps the strategy group led by Anwar THINKER Saifuddin Nasution, their original purpose was simply to "reduce" the majority of the BN candidate and this will be their capital to convince the people at the 13 general election that the BN candidate already rejected by voters all walks of life ... .

Who would have thought Cempedak a jack ..? Bak said Mahfuz Omar, upon receipt of the decision of the last general election to 13 .., "we remember ... I catch mice, it seemed we were able to catch an elephant ..! "

Result, GE to 12 in 2008 occurred Tsunami PRU where BN lost the majority of two thirds in the House of Representatives and lost four state government in Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang, at the same time the government seized FAILED BN Kelantan ...!

This is her story when the BN in the face of tennis GE Anwar Ibrahim stood in front disaf Opposition Alliance ....

NOT be denied also that the weak leadership of Pak Lah factor was whether the main SOURCE massive defeat BN .... Coupled with a blend of bad behavior behavior Khairy Jamaluddin, Kalimullah, and the inner circle that makes the PM's Office among the grassroots of UMNO-BN sendri disgust and vomiting blood ....

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