Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sekaligus membawa maksud bahawa BN tidak tewas kerana kekuatan calon calon Pakatan Pembangkang…!

After the leadership and power as head of government, called the Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib handed over to then mukadimahnya read "People First, Performance Now .."

However, this latest increasingly felt that some decisions made by Najib was not popular among the BN leaders themselves ...

Some say that since the end of this end, he had begun to follow Pak Lah before the BN lost many seats in the 2008 general election.

We scan for a moment what has been described above report .... Remember ..! Chronology fall of the opposition coalition that Abdullah rampantly with four state governments and the coalition lost a majority of two thirds in the House of Representatives;

Inner circle and all the bad behavior of those in the office of PM. Prices of essential products that are not controlled and people increasingly complain as if there is no "care" problems "pocket people".

What is the basis of both is not going on right now in the era of Najib as PM ...?

.. Sugar prices, the prices of goods on the market ..., tariff TNB electricity bill ... bill, Astro ..., there GST GST here ..., the latest increase of 6% pre-paid card charges.

While the inner circle that sparked controversy as Nazir Razak, Tony Fernandez, Idris Jala, Koh Tsu Koon, G Palanivel and not forgetting Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, with its New Political .... Oh yes, one more! Talked about the weakness of the soft Najib's cousin is never exhausted by issuing only warning that many saplings saplings cheap Opposition rose braid, last look at the behavior of Mat Sabu ....

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