Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lina Kantoi Tak Pakai Seluar Dalam....!!

Miss Colombia yesterday warned for not wearing panties while out with other participants of Miss Universe.

Miss Colombia's 22-year-old, said to be out to Catalina Robayo official ceremony by wearing a short skirt, but did not wear underwear.

Sources told the beauty pageant, "We had warned the Queen of Colombia because his conduct was improper.

"People do not feel comfortable with her, let alone out of the picture is not wearing in some media." President of the Association of Miss Paula Shugart also reported headaches with Miss Colombia's behavior.

"Enough there are some players who wore skirts too short, but when I saw the picture he is riding in, I was really surprised. "Our supervisor has told all participants to wear appropriate clothing and one of our public relations officer had memberitahun Catalina on the matter. But, he said he he was wearing.

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