Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kerajaan BN-Najib Hampir Pasti Tumbang Pada PRU Ke 13…! Anwar Ibrahim Dipersilakan Mengangkat Sumpah Sebagai Perdana Menteri Yang Baru…..

What is the shadow of the empire state reading scores approaching talkin years the National Front, formerly stood in the name of the Alliance ...?

During the period, Datuk Sri Najib became prime minister and led the coalition, not cracked deck attack after attack by saplings saplings compete with a variety of cheap PR dumba and political actor ..!

As the political crisis in 1998, the rise of the Malays who "deceived" by kunuuunnya crimes against Anwar Ibrahim's dismissal of the case from the office of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the BN's defeat in the 1999 general election saw only affected throughfall UMNO ...! While excellent results contributed by the non-Malay BN component sperti MCA, MIC, Gerakan and Sabah and Sarawak.

While GE 2004 is Pak Lah "fortunate" for the best win, "excellence, glory, distinction" for the non-Malay votes porla BN strong divisions along ethnic Malay factors have been recovered after they considered the new face of Pak Lah as a leadership background Boss Islamic scholars and grandchildren, but never got nicknamed the name of "Mr Clean".

GE 1999 and GE 2004, BN, Anwar Ibrahim in court without standing in front disaf opposition party, the Opposition.

But another story on the general election in 2008 ...! It has a great knowledge of natural spin, Anwar managed to daub the ear Haji Hadi sit and bercomolot with Kiat Siang ...

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