Sunday, September 11, 2011

GEMPAAR Sabtu..! Anwar Dalam Diam Menaruh Hati & Perasaan Terhadap Isteri Ketua Menteri Sarawak...?

aAnwar's brother tells how Jo had a way inconsistent with this Rumours. Awang Tengah, initially said to be a candidate for KM as well - said Anwar, will be in a quandary as the Chief Minister.

All this is, strictly Anwar is the source of new strength to the PR in Sarawak. Anwar want it to be used as soon as possible.

In the context of BN - what 'game plan' to Sarawak? I just leave Taib Mahmud destroyed BN's chances go willingly? So I just leave Sarawak Taib's personal property?

This blog is anxiety producing for NO determination looked at the leadership level to solve problems in Sarawak Taib Mahmud. This litmus test of courage actually said. So far? Disappointing. No courage. Do not look like there harapan.http: / / / img / blank.gif

DAP do not have a lot of effort - use of propaganda Pack Moh and Sarawak BN will deliver more than 10 areas of Parliament to Pakatan Rakyat easily. Sorry, this issue, there is no pro-BN bloggers to defend. Taib Mahmud, is already a liability to BN.

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