Sunday, September 11, 2011

GEMPAAR Sabtu..! Anwar Dalam Diam Menaruh Hati & Perasaan Terhad

In Anwar's Hari Raya visit in Sarawak - and meeting with the leadership of PKR in Sarawak, Anwar was in the mood unusual. Anwar is confident that Sarawak will 'deliver' at least 10 parliamentary constituencies to the PR. The question is, how to be represented PKR?

Anwar's PKR election officials want to work harder - because the number of representatives from each party will provide 'leverage' to the party represented.

Anwar indicated to the audience that the possibility ... that he will not be together in PRU13. I take leave 'sabbatical', Anwar said. The audience laughed. However, Anwar has presented a will that cause PKR in Sarawak must be continued under the auspices of the New Bian.

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