Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pegawai Pejabat Mukriz Mahathir Khuatir Kalau Najib Terkentut Di Tahiyyat Akhir Solat...

By PRU13 government should be more careful in carrying out the administration and services to the people.

Government not only can not make any mistakes, but the government must be seen not to make mistakes. Issues that may invite negative perception or disaster the government should be avoided altogether.

Often the confidence of the people who are actively constructed through new policies for the benefit of the people has been stagnant, also due to the weakness of the government.

The new government announced the bonus before the feast of a sudden and pro-active without waiting for government pressure. It is very good for the image of the government.

But after the festival, people were surprised about the drastic action telco companies 6% tax charge to users of prepaid mobile telephone.

Although the PM quickly ask telco review this decision, but a new perception of the people who want to turn around, stalled again.

Before the bonus day tempohari civil servants, have been published issue of public dispute when AirAsia class fish has swallowed seluang MAS flipper. People think is not repeated corporate-style exercise in the days of Level 4 Pak Lah, but finally there is also exercise similar to ECM Libra.

Even the hands involved are about the same hands that had authorities on the 4th floor first.

What is the fate of the BN wants to be if these circumstances continue to occur later by the PRU 13.

The situation faced by the BN is like a person who almost ended the prayer, but terkentut in tahiyyat end.

New People want to believe and are confident with the BN leadership. But in the process of confidence mendapatkankan the common things that cause people's perception of the BN retarded again.

BN leaders care little help. If evaluated on leadership experiences that are largely already in soccer Kick otai politics, should not have loopholes like this to happen.

Fel low-level leadership and members who love the top leadership of the party are eager to act more intelligent than the opposition.

BN should already have plenty of space to push the opposition, which is berlumha Dolphins make repeated mistakes in their political game. Weaknesses that they failed to properly manipulated by the BN for BN at the same time also a lot of responsibility to give the ball to the opposition.

BN leadership must realize that national factors far more important in contributing to the party than the candidate or locality factors. Previously, many say that skull cap was placed in a contested area, the coalition would win.

This happens is because the factors and issues that revolve around the strength of the BN at the national level. Non-local factors. Despite the candidates and locality factors, but it did not reach the level of BN or UMNO can defeat.

Notwithstanding, the leadership image UMNO / BN at the national level are the biggest contributors to the strong or weak support for the party in the area.

Wrack / weaknesses and non-kompetenan some new leaders are not the place now, but has existed for tens of years ago. However, the BN / UMNO to win every time through the election.

They still accepted by the voters due to the strength of the image at the national party leadership has managed to turn a blind eye to continue memangkah BN voters. Voters are willing to continue to support the BN, even though they did not approve a candidate who represents them. Overall for the BN. They looked at the party and did not look at candidates.

But, today the candidates to go through the merit system established by the people. Age to win by luck hitching the party is over. Candidates must prove it can be accepted. Leadership must also deliver on their words to highlight winnable candidates in this PRU13.

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