Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wikileaks SEKS..!!! Siapa MENTERI Yang Rogol Pembantu Rumah Indonesia..???

Um ..., waduuhhh ...., Waaadduuhhhhhh minister ...! Coke taste the same once the maid own play iyaa ..??? Identify natural products from the land of wine jawaaa ....

Who is the Minister who is ..?

According to Wikileaks reports, had sparked the incident "rape" of an Indonesian maid who worked at the home of a minister in Malaysia. Rape was already done by the Minister himself ....

As written by our friend The Flying Kick Blogger, perhaps might be the maid who worked dirumahMenteri has a seductive body, such as Inul ..., face shape is like the actress Arti ..., that perhaps makes the thin, Mr. Minister faith ...!

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