Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buletin Wikileaks..! Baca Kisah Benar Wanita Jawa Bernama ROBENGAH

The process of the rebellion leaders and elected representatiLinkves PKR Selangor Pakatan MPs increasingly bold and not the slightest feeling bow down His Royal Highness the Sultan of ...!

Discount Shopping proud and arrogant display a statement of the Minister of Selangor, the most stuttering in the world. By power, Khalid would become a pierced nose cow ....

In fact he suggests that he was not sure would be present at the swearing of the new State Secretary, Datuk Khusrin Munawi scheduled to be held on Thursday this ... ..

Teach Less ...! Has never happen again where the state government representatives to boycott and boycott the pleasure of the Sultan ..! But we must not forget that the saplings saplings cheap hardcore sycophant species Anwar can do it ..., just look what often happens in the Perak State Assembly ..., as well as more recently the House of Parliament becomes Zoo ...!

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