Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pucuk Pimpinan PAS Dan Semua Ahli Ahli PAS “WAJIB” Baca Kisah Ini….

Anwar yesterday filed a new affidavit asking for some individuals, including Mr. Hasanuddin and Mr AM as a witness in court.

Ironically, because in the early stages of the trial - Anwar did not put Hasanuddin as a defense witness.

Anwar left the name of Hasanuddin because LOST BELIEVE - because only Hasanuddin know about the beef curry puffs, carpet, KY jelly and the like - other than Saiful and Anwar himself. Hasanuddin had the feeling had already taken as a witness the prosecution.

After seeing the name of Hasanuddin not in the list of prosecution witnesses - Hasanuddin Anwar working hard to find a defense witness and persuade him. Hasanuddin is much indebted to Anwar. Much.

Hasanuddin AFFLUENT convey life today is the result given by Anwar's chances over the years. No wonder 'ambassador that was sent to persuade Hasanuddin shows all kinds of things that Anwar had given him over the years.

We leave it to Hasanuddin to make reasonable decisions. Hasanuddin be present in court and tell the truth or - Anwar repay over the years.

Anwar is expected Hasanuddin budinya reply so far. This includes making the story rather than actual events that occurred in the evening.

In fact, Anwar should also call other witnesses that many supposedly in the next room that evening. The meeting between Anwar and he not only Saiful. Many party driver available. Really? Who is in the next room that evening? I never mentioned it in court.

Anwar will enter a more exciting phase of early Ramadan later. As people, we pray only that the truth will emerge. Not undermined by 'feeling like to reciprocate; feeling like interests of any individual. People want to know the truth.

In fact, many in PKR waiting for what happens later. They want to know 'stance' Hasanuddin. They want to know who else is around Anwar evening. They fear even Kak Wan will get 'surprise' in weeks Anwar gave a statement to the court later.

Hasanuddin said to be the 'trump-card' Anwar in court cases later. I take the PM and wife? Honestly, Anwar knows that PM and wife do not have a key role when he steal Saiful. Anwar is the people see and SEE how AM / wife walked into court. That was all that Anwar needs.

It's all a 'public relations' exercise only. Anwar wanted to see how a PM dragged into court on a case that has nothing to do with his job as PM.

Saiful Anwar into office not as a 'Trojan horse'. This is about hearts and feelings. Nothing to do with the PM and wife already. [From the Blog Behavior Anwar]

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