Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Manisnya Kurma Ini…! Waheeda Sekarang Mengkaji Bible….

Waheeda Norwahidah real name is Abdul Wahab, 32, when asked about his life, said he has now become full-time homemaker, while also producing songs for her husband.

"While in my home to spend time studying the Quran and the Bible and read preacher, the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat," he said

Waheeda remains committed to its stand not to want to come back with a legitimate reason to sing in the first place is a must, but "some reason" to make a career that never venture was illegal.

Waheeda said, difficulties keep praying and environmental conditions in the entertainment world 'distress' forced to leave the profession forever.

Waheeda is specified when the panel members a talk show program titled Islam and Iman Complications Bringing Peace organized by the management of al-Azim, Pandan Indah, here on Friday witnessed some 400 pilgrims.

It is understood, the talk show programs involved are the first form of serious lectures delivered in respect of a former celebrity follow her husband, Achilles.

In the program, one of the lecturers to give talks on the British Malaysian Institute (BMI) as well as speakers, DJ Farhan Sudduq and former guitarist, Sham Kamikaze.

According to Waheeda, despite receiving recommendations back to the world of entertainment with a comeback that passes brings the character of Islamic art, but he was determined not to return to the world by giving its reasons.

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