Saturday, September 10, 2011

Por * no star in the U.S. Not Mandatory Use Condoms!

Los Angeles, public health officials in Los Angeles County now can not force porn stars to use condoms because the High Court has dismissed the case requiring the porn stars use condoms.

Previous AIDS Healthcare Foundation has filed a case to court to force public health officials to act by requiring porn stars use condoms to protect against the spread of AIDS and other sexual diseases.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation believes that the local Health Department has documented thousands of sexually transmitted diseases among adult film stars and is associated with an epidemic of lack of protective equipment for the players.

However this is drawn protests from the porn star. Porn star claimed to understand the risks if you do not use condoms during filming, but they assert that the adult film industry practices today involve a monthly screening for some sexually transmitted diseases.

"There is no way to make this industry the risk-free. Making things more secure will not make it safer. If you are worried or paranoid, you should not be in this industry," said the pornographic film actor whose stage name was Jeremy Steele, as reported by the LATimes.

High Court ruling finally confirm previous dismiss a petition from AIDS activists to force the Department of Public Health Los Angeles County made ​​obligatory for the porn stars to use condoms during filming, as reported by Medindia.

A judge decided to dismiss the case in 2009 and the decision shall be approved by the court.

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