Saturday, September 10, 2011

5 Ways Sex Without Penetration Satisfied!

Sexual satisfaction does not always mean penetration. Mr.dick penetrate or enter into vagina is just one way of reaching your favorite pleasure in sex.

Even for some unmarried couples, sexual activity without penetration is commonly done, for example just a kiss, grope, or oral sex.

Author of The Secret of Better Sex Joel D Block explained that there are several ways to achieve sexual satisfaction that you could try, including mutual masturbation. The husband and wife mutually stimulate each other and masturbate, or can also see a couple masturbating each other.

You can also experience the joys of the oral sek. Many men and women who are very fond of this one activity. Although oral sex is sometimes used as a stage of foreplay before penetration, but by Joel D Block, oral sex can be done separately.

Or you can choose outercourse. This type of sexual activity is most often done by young people who are still in the stages of dating, where outerwear can be separated but remain attached to clothing in the body.

Other activity without penetration is Intermammary intercourse. Sexual activity is mostly done by Europeans. The way the penis is placed between the breasts, and then rub until there is a climax.

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