Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peringatan kepada semua !!!!!!!!!!! TERUTAMA KAUM WANITA

Last week his network of bloggers have posted recordings "phone sex" with her ​​boyfriend Mat Sabu had arrested both of them in the seclusion room bernombor121 Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu.

One of the scenes recorded phone sex conversations, Mat Sabu was said to her lover while he was riding his sudden knock on the door, his son named Huda [17 years ago] has been harmful to their games, in the latest "steam cut .."

It was funny once when Mat Sabu kotenya admitted to mushy and not able to resume the match with his wife .... CLICK HERE.

Huda is now an adult ..., the picture above was captured when his son made ​​a police report kunuuuunnya Mat Sabu tried to burn the house is probably because the issue of the struggle to legalize the Communist's hot right now.

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