Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Panaass Jumaat..! Rumahtangga Nora Mohd Nor Hancur.., Bercerai Dengan Suaminya Untuk Berkahwin Dengan YB PAS Sebagai Isteri Kedua...

It is despicable and disgraceful to use Islam as a facial mask to deceive people! It is learned that marriage the second time this Honourable opposition of his first wife. Even their children do not give its blessing. Is it because the truth status of PAS YB's first wife is no longer needed? Is it because Pok Nik give money gifts to the women who allow polygamy in the state but also excited to get YB?

YB will not forget the main conditions of polygamy is "fair". Is it fair YB 'robbed' Nora from her husband? Can the Honourable do justice to his first wife and children? Do haraplah YB, YB himself with the self can not afford to be fair with others much less. But more exciting this year will beraya YB with his second wife Nora .... wah beraya joy with the wife loved ones.

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