Monday, September 12, 2011

Pelajar IPT Dakwa Disihir Guna Gambarnya Dalam Facebook

Value - cast a spell usinLinkg pictures in the social networking site Facebook (FB).

That's what happens to a student charged with institutions of higher learning, known as the IRA when the images of pages used as a weapon of social magic cult.

Ira, 22, claimed he had been enchanted by a woman called Mary because jealous of the relationship with her ​​boyfriend and wanted to terminate the relationship.

"Maria is the former girlfriend of my lover, but their relationship has been broken. That is why he spell my desire to see our relationship disintegrated.

"We do not know each other.

"He was present hand as welcome as a friend and I thought he was honest, but instead," he claimed when met recently.

Ira Clearly, he knows enchanted by Mary through a photo after receiving treatment from a patron At Tobibi Islamic Medical Centre in Bandar Baru Nilai, Shamsuri Shafi'i in June.

According to him, during treatment, he found a photo eye Maria seems to shine every time he gazed at it.

At that time, he felt that Maria is too good and he followed all his will, including termination of employment.

"However, after treatment, then I know that I not only bewitched, but disantau by Maria,''he says.

He said Shamsuri told that Mary had put ashes in the food. -Kosmo

Guest GB

Whether enchanted / disantau or not, it is still debatable. That's just a game in the world perbomohan.

However, GB is not denied to display pictures on FB more harm than benefit the future. Because we are exposing ourselves to strangers background that will use the photographs for the purposes that we do not know.

If you want to also display pictures use the "privacy" that is, iatu sharing these pictures, known only to them only.

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