Monday, September 12, 2011

Panas Jugak..! Ada Lagi Artis Dah Bertaubat Digunakan Oleh PAS Untuk Hentam Kerajaan BN...

Apparently, many of the children khariah Masjid An Nur, Malay Kampung Subang lift legs without first leaving the mosque to perform prayers tarawikh night.

This is due to dissatisfaction with them and fed up with lectures by Azmil Mustapha, or better known as Ali Satan, the effect of the character it holds in the 80's era film.

In his talk, Azmil Mustapha, a few years familiarized herself with the PAS, many criticizing government policies, is now un-Islamic government slashed, slashed the New Economic Policy (NEP) as the Economic Policy stupid and even called for the Sultan and the King not to be respected .

This ragamnya our artists. Provided that "so Called" I repent, in the party, supposedly had "confirmed" to hold the key to heaven. Save a little beard, forehead, put a little black, wear lebai, wear robes, was able to preach in stages PAS, prayer and the mosque.

Not kisahlah knowledge in the chest or not. If we listen to lectures Bob Lokman and Azmil Mustapha, we will see more trash than substance in their speeches.

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