Monday, September 12, 2011

Na’uzubillaaahhh....! Video MURTAD Seorang Anak Melayu...

In fact he was preaching in his own right is preaching through nasyidnya music that praises God, Islam and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. For me, I am more interested in preaching this same pattern.

In our case, I blame 100% to Azmil Mustapha would be so too. The mosque committee members who wise to go pick one person who is not qualified to tell them. Tens or hundreds of other educated Muslim religious scholars in and outside the state, school and graduated from Al Azhar's hut, which can give talks and tazkirah at the mosque and the mosque.

What can we do, this is the characteristics of Malaysian-style Islamic state. Those non-Muslims in the Mosque out preach mock verses the Qur'an, Muslims too busy to break the fast in the church while the verses of the Koran prohibited heard publicly in the mosque by the State Fatwa Council pulak tu, allegedly want to please pagan harbi. Allahhuakbar.

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