Monday, September 12, 2011

Kenapakah Pembantu Rumah Ini SANGAT Penting Dalam Kes Liwat Saiful…?

As a longtime partner in the fight against reform, let us pray that Anwar's probably have the best chance to reveal TRUTH in sodomy case that will last the whole month of this ramadhan. Perhaps this is the greatest wisdom ramadhan for Anwar so that he and his family can show proof of a valid and bright that nothing happened between Mr. Sheikh and Saiful afternoon.

If Anwar is capable of doing, as a people we must accept with open hearts. Similarly with Anwar and when the case of permanent and recognized by the court - then the best answer REDHA.

Anwar should blame themselves for allowing a gadfly like Saiful was in the office environment. As a drop-out from the University Saiful still have ambition. Around Anwar is one of the most he needs at that time.

Not about the salary. Not about the allowance. Everything is really small. But barring the payment and assistance schemes that could cause Saiful live. What is the allowance of RM1, 000 provided by the Office of PKR simply Saiful his lifespan? Saiful expenses per month just beyond the far greater numbers. Anwar is aware and knows that Saiful weakness is money. Thus, if there is space for Anwar to give 'comfort' to Saiful - it is not wrong.

Day after day during this ramadhan, Anwar's house in Segambut always fully attended by the priest and, clerics, spiritual care practitioners, school children to pray that Anwar's booth will be given guidance to deal with his case. We also expect the same thing. Having been with Anwar in the reform - whether we pray that this is going to happen.

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