Monday, September 12, 2011

Berpoligami Pandai..., TETAPI

Badrol Ustaz Amin is committed to attracting young people from the entertainment lagha. That he said. That promise he expressed in a mosque in Port Klang.

But as a group of people ride the boat. The person behind the busy rowing, the middle of the abdomen to remove water from the boat, but the front no matter what boat diperut busy drilling holes.

I do not think this pronouncement Amin Badrol realistic promises. Perhaps the only shock Badrol Amin himself and pretend to forget, karaoke, clubs and massage parlors love remains growing like mushrooms.

Under the administration of Khalid Ibrahim (boss Badrol Amin) wide outside the natural action performed by the "Father of Entertainment NSW" as Cineplex at U8, entertainment center 24 hours in I-City and had yet to chapter entertainment in the church!

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