Sunday, September 11, 2011

GEMPAAR Sabtu..! Anwar Dalam Diam Menaruh Hati & Peras

Anwar tells how the Taib Mahmud will be the catalyst to the fall of BN in Sarawak in the next general election. PM Anwar shared with me how to make appropriate efforts to seek Taib stepped down from office the Chief Minister.

All this is planned at the Hotel Hilton, Kuching - Anwar said. All machinery is directed to put pressure on Taib Mahmud to retire. When Taib Mahmud refused - 'anti-Pack Moh and Jom Change "organized by the DAP alone is capable of causing severe decline of the popular vote BN.

At this point, Anwar said that Taib's leadership will ensure that the legacy will remain good in the state. Rumors to bring Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib as the new UN leader will totally destroy the BN in Sarawak. Mahmud will compete Parliament - and jumped on to a senior UN in a very short time.

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