Sunday, September 4, 2011

BOM MELETOPP…!! Ikuti Pengakuan Dan Cerita Bloggers Yang Dijemput Menonton Video Seks Anwar Ibrahim Malam Tadi… Cer Criter.., Cer Criterr...

James let the late Datuk Sng chat with their father and invites James kebilik Umi Umi enhanced ride on. In the conversation, James had appealed like crazy .... If all ni James was proud of brothers and sisters, it is difficult to mingle with them, but the evening as if he's able to script lakunan from Anwar ... ....

Still buzzing, ringing ear Umi because the word was never mentioned James for life, he said to Umi "I love u as my sister, and now i need your help ...! You please convert all my statements the police, later I was taught what to say, the rest of my Boss [Anwar] deal with Rahim Noor [Tan Sri]. "

"... Anwar police want you you say my car did not see Nalla [Dato Nalla] Daimler WBV37 ambek Shida [Shamsidar] kat Bangsar Shopping Complex to go condo Tivoli Villas with Anwar ..."

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