Monday, September 12, 2011

BOCOR Dari Mesyuarat Khas Pakatan Rakyat…! Nurul Izzah BANTAH Azmin Dicalonkan Jawatankuasa Khas Terpilih Parlimen…?

In a special meeting of the People's Alliance for the establishment of the Special Panel (Select Committee) Parliament on Election Reform; Anwar are individuals who are very vocal against the establishment of the panel.

There is also the view that it is something positive; but quickly admits Anwar by saying NO sincerity of the government in the establishment of the panel.

Alas, it is difficult, he is already behaving as God. Know and understand the sincerity. Anwar is now somewhat of high rank.

As citizens, we just want Anwar to be mature in this regard. The important thing is CHANGE and REFORM the system. Not who headed the panel. Do not be like the boys. Little-bit I boycott. Little bit-I sulk. Little-bit I dispute.

PR must take the opportunity to use the panel as representing the views of the field. Rather than boycotts and MELALAK from outside. Why Anwar seems eager reject the establishment of this panel?

The only problem and fear is a question of Anwar Najib RATING growing up. No sky, but up periodically. Anwar was in the same time and faced with the question of a "crisis of faith '.

Anwar did not like hearing this chapter TRUST CRISIS. In fact, when informed by an independent observer who is always called by the People's Alliance; Anwar dismiss the appeal 'as Shallow Political views OBSERVATION. Anwar still do not want to accept that he is faced with a crisis of confidence more pressing. Sodomy case. Sex video case. Everything is a problem to him.

In fact, efforts to push Syarie Anwar case is also unpopular Sumitro PKR adviser. Anwar looks very desperate and desperate. They had already been advised Anwar - do not need to set aside the lawyer. Again, Anwar did not want to hear.

Anwar should use the opportunity to put the establishment of this panel Kel in the front line of politics. Izzah who will be in the Special Panel will be able to bring Anwar's image in the panel. This will provide long-term benefits to the PKR.

Anwar, if continued to play politics like the boys like this will only make more people Disgust. Do not believe? Whether we wait.

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