Monday, September 12, 2011

Apakah Maksud Sebenar "Duri Dalam Daging"..?

At the same time we have never even CIMB advertise or provide advertising for the Daily Herald newspaper published and owned by Bumiputera entrepreneurs and employees of nearly 95% are indigenous.

If you want to be seen daily Sinar contribution to the government and the country far better than that Malaysiakini is only contributing to the government's hatred of the younger generation. Just look at the issue of Electoral Election. Malaysiakini's attempt to cast doubt and instill propaganda that the government committed fraud in the electoral roll even has several times proved their accusations and propaganda is not true.

Daily Herald had a lot of time conducting their own investigation and prove that almost 90% claim diterbirkan by Malaysiakini is false and reckless nature. However, the portal continued to publish seditious material to instill in the minds of today's readers that the government corrupt, a liar and not transparent in the electoral roll.

However, CIMB still advertise in Malaysiakini, and do not contribute anything to the Daily Herald.

We are certain that CIMB will provide reasons for the publication of an ad is determined by the three companies given contracts by the bank to manage the ads CIMB. These reasons often given by GLC for passing the buck or is "stupid moron" in the advertising world or do they want to help destroy the BN.

Is not strange provisions of tens of millions a year by the GLCs like CIMB, but the decision to advertise in any fully determined by a third party?

Now we want answers from Nazir Razak of CIMB why continue to advertise in the portals of the pro-opposition news to sabotage his brother's own efforts to restore the country's image and strengthen the Barisan Nasional?

Should he continue as CEO of CIMB if he failed to deal with matters such as to make the CIMB as contributing indirectly to work down the BN government?

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