Saturday, September 10, 2011


Please sahin
BERLIN - A Turkish descent actor, Please sahin, who played in the nude to twelve pages of Playboy magazine German edition May admitted he is not Muslim, a newspaper said yesterday.

Please make a confession after many thought he was the first Turkish Muslim girl naked for Playboy magazine.

"My parents are citizens of Turkey and I was raised in a Muslim community but I am not a Muslim. People make assumptions that I am a Muslim.

"I do not understand why people use religion to oppose my decision pictorial in Playboy," said the 25-year-old single.

The actress, who starred in the drama Telenovela Germany, Good Times, Bad Times explains, his father did not profess any religion, and her mother a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity.

"I always ordered not to leave the house, can not have male friends, do not have to look and not allowed to have sex before marriage." Please clear the Daily News of the World today.

He sparked controversy when in love with the popular German actor, Jorn Schlönvoigt, 24, after the split with her boyfriend who is a Muslim last year.

Please to become the first Turkish descent women naked for magazine publishing interests had received many threats, including prostitutes and women has been dubbed the West cheap over the Internet from the fanatics of Islam because he thought a Muslim.

Fed up with the freedom of control parents, please accept the offer that Playboy asked her nude photography filmed in Sri Lanka in March.

"After years of following what he was told to me, it (pose naked) is a form of freedom," said Please.

However, the strip action causes Muslim relatives claimed that the mother Please do not enlarge the right approach. His mother also refused to talk to please following the publication of the nude. - Agencies

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