Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WOW..! Sudah FOFULAR, Lupa Diri.. Mintak Cerai Dari Suami..! Apa Kes Adik Datuk Ni..??

Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy Hatta sanjunginya to the level of a prophet ..? Hatta Ramli Ibrahim forge want umpamakan as Joseph ..? Astaghfirullaaaahhh ...! It is valid Hatta Ramli was dying, yeah .., are dying way of thinking ..., it is damaged and not functioning well yet his brain just like a patient lying in the ICU ..

By common sense we understand the nature of Joseph's character had all the looks that can melt the hearts of women that Siti wife the most beautiful and elegant women in Egypt had to find excuses in order to "force" the Prophet Joseph came up ....

Anwar Ibrahim was very different! Desires, a strange, voracious appetite membontoti people may like it ...! The concept of equal same feeling .., both sides just the same ...! Women he rembat, he whipping boy ..! Where the characteristics of Joseph in the Anwar Ibrahim ...? We have not heard of any women in this country worships muja pathetic enslavement and Anwar was a very handsome as to make women and girls did not sleep at night ....

In the story we learn the story of the prophet, Joseph avoid and not want to do evil ..! Although tempted by the wife tried digomol but Joseph had refused to get involved with sin sin, forced to flee She wants to leave room ...

Unlike Anwar Ibrahim ..! Listen with an open confession of the mouth that tells Saiful Bukhari Azlan in the sworn statement of witnesses dikandang trial court how he said: "Can I Fuck You Today ..?"

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