Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Video] Pesawat Terhempas Di Atas Penonton, 3 Mati, Berpuluh Parah

Reno (Nevada): An old fighter plane of World War hit the main stage at the UN a renowned air show, killing at least three spectators, while over 50 more severe.

Be very horrific accident which occurred when the aircraft is driven by 74-year-old pilot suddenly lost control and crashed into the main stage on the plane disintegrate.

Bodies lying in the crash with the public to provide assistance to victims who are still alive.

A loyal audience for 16 years saw the air show, Maureen Higgins from Alabama, said the incident involved pilot in the third round before losing control of the show.

He sat about 30 yards from the crash and saw the horrific incident, including an audience with the aircraft debris spraying blood from his head.

"I saw some parts of the body disintegrate so you will not believe what happened. I collect the arms and legs of one victim, "he said.

Among those killed was the pilot Jimmy Leeward, 74, from Florida, who is also the aircraft owner's P-51 Mustang fighter or cited as the "Galloping Ghost". - AP

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