Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update 12 Misi KHAS Jepun – Giliran Pelajar Pelajar Malaysia Di Universiti Gunma Terima Bantuan Kemanusiaan Dari Kelab Putera 1 Malaysia

LinkYesterday Dato 'Azeez with a Malaysian Prince Club Volunteers continue SPECIAL Mission to Japan. This time the destination of the journey from Tokyo takes almost three hours.

Prince clubs a visit to Malaysia Gunma University. Volunteer mission arrival there was greeted by 50 students who described their experiences through the time when the terrifying earthquake aid.

Students in the country rising sun of our students are very honored to greet us. They are very heartened by the concerns of a Malaysian prince club that brings food and basic needs them there.

In the opportunity, students are given the opportunity to check the radiation readings by two members of the squad volunteers from MOSTI - Ministry Of ScienceTechnology & Innovation. They were also given the opportunity to make medical examination and treatment from doctors about six people who participated in the Special Mission to Japan.

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