Monday, September 12, 2011

TERBONGKAAARR..!! Pimpinan Tertinggi PAS Sesak Nafaass...!


1. The best of Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, announced at a recent congressional Pass that his party drop the goal of forming an Islamic state, but want to create berkebajikan country if it can be ruled Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, to congratulate the DAP chairman Karpal Singh.

2. This is because after decades, finally DAP chairman and his party's intention to prevent the pass to form an Islamic state has been successful. Pass the struggle since the 1950's was broken DAP. Said the Kelantan, "Pass aloh DAP ko" (PAS lost to DAP).

3. This fact is difficult to accept the pass. Round U announced Hadi Awang open only embarrass many grassroots supporters of PAS, but is considered insulting fighters and activists before. Thus, recognize the dominant position in the opposition DAP to which he belongs.

4. A week after the conference, Vice President Passes Salahuddin Ayub announced that a special panel will be formed to discuss the content desired berkebajikan Pass. As the concept of Islamic state, PAS speak first, think later.

5. And in this case, due Pass brains to fill in the concept of nation is still not clear berkebajikan. I believe that most thought was how to ensure that the concept of berkebajikan not opposed by the DAP later. Passes have to consider the feelings of the DAP and the risk of political opposition in terms of ideology.

6. Kedah Government's decision to withdraw instructions to implement the regulations on entertainment premises in the month of Ramadan is another episode of "co aloh Pass DAP". Although PAS leaders giving the excuse that it was not so and give all sorts of spin on it, the fact is that the decision was made after threatened by Karpal Singh.

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