Monday, September 5, 2011

TEORI Video Seks Panass.. – Ini Semua Kerja Anwar..? Rancangan Anwar Divert isu Liwat Guna Datuk T @ Datuk Tipu @ Datuk Temberang..??

Why is the chronology of events as carefully organized ..? What is all contained in the Master Plan to remove the issue of Anwar's sodomy much more pressure to submit DNA to destroy his political career if the same once confirmed DNA matches DNA Men Y.

After the chaos of Malaya entire story of a mysterious man named Datuk T show videos featuring the actor did not spill one another with faces of Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR president of flash to make a press conference.

Why Anwar too quickly melatah ...?? The name has not been mentioned, the spread of pornographic video is still not working ... why Anwar can be too panic? Who can carefully evaluate the size of the stomach and what the actress guarantee Anwar flat stomach all the time ..???

Let us reflect for a moment from a comparative point of fact. Ummi Hafilda openly talks either Stage or press release describes as "detailed" Anwar sex affair - James Shamdisar wife Ali. Ummi since traveled across the country begin to tell who is the Anwar while unlocking the secrets of many difficult with the wife of James, son James named Afifah informed had begun to rebel ..! Yes, girls are growing up and discerning, he want to make sure who the real father ...

Returning to action the response to the issue of Anwar's sex video, the morning he was escorted by sycophant sycophant tegarnya go make a police report. Strange and surprising ..! Why is the identity of the videos had not even confirmed actor beriya Anwar lodged a police report so yes ..? But when the hard-hitting sound biological brother Umi tells how to Anwar's wife is willing to sell, why should this matter be left by Anwar ..?

Game Master Plan to divert the real issues ...? So that the DNA issue, the issue will be doomed from the Saiful sodomy minds of the people of this country ..?

Within a week who "offered" by the Commissioner of T to "spouses Opposition politicians" also leaves a big question .., very suspicious! Menjandi expanding puzzle space. If truth exists Datuk T is even, whether the person is "allegorical" for extortion Anwar ..? But Anwar is the best area to "impose" the BN and UMNO ... Easy to read tables of the game ...! A week is not impossible for Anwar to send ambassadors lightly "Settle" what to do with Datuk T. Well ..! A police report was made, after a week the Commissioner did not come back .., sex video not spread ....

Anwar's later stories and Barua baruanya in talks, "... You see Mr. and Mrs. Mrs., after Anwar dare come forward and lodge a police report .. want this to be investigated, they were willing to have gentaaarrr BN hardware and dare not spread the video, this is defamation work very dahsyaaatt want to bring down Anwar ...!! "

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