Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tak Lama Lagi Si Bangsat Anwar Ibrahim Akan MAMPUS..!!!

The bitch Anwar would have smiled happily when Barua instruction wahidnya numbers, James coward "thrashing" Ezam yesterday afternoon ....

It is the policy writer is brave talk bitch "allegorical," but when the face is humble ... .. James "coward" at the time of winding up the debate and speech delays in Congress PKR to 6 are located in Kota Bharu was labeled as a prostitute Senator Ezam The Complete Tarbiyah No!

Pro Blog Alliance - Club Greenboc [] who published an article "Sex Ezam Tarbiyah Senator incomplete .." please click here.

In James's speech "a coward" he told Ezam is a bitch The Secretary Anwar for two years but want to admit as a protege Anwar, while there are three more who have completed "Tarbiyah period" for a period of time as "staff" to Anwar they were Khalid Jaafar, Dr Mansor Othman and James "coward" itself ... So it appears James "coward", Ezam incomplete Tarbiyah period.

What is meant by the term Tarbiyah James "coward" ..? Is it a period to let the mind and their minds are torn ripped and sodomized by Anwar .. The Fuck? Barua willing to be cheap as street prostitute ...?

In his James "coward" he retorted Ezam action that "run" out of the country during The Fuck Anwar was arrested and crammed into a prison ....

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