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SSDE 2 - Syabas UMNO Klang..! Ustaz Kamal Saidin Berjaya TARBIYAH Orang Melayu Kenali Wajah Sebenar PAS….

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Sunday, November 28, 2010
Fuck The Delegation PKR Anwar sodomy Yesterday ..?
Courtesy Gambar2 Minnaq Jinggo Fotopage
Rafizis Ramli, sitting behind Dr Syed Husin Ali, was evident in young people "loved" The bitch Anwar still has a major leadership dibarisan though not captured seats Akin Head .... Fuck The Party belongs to Anwar, he will determine "who sits where ..."
In this case proved to be Chegu Bard played by Si bahalol Anwar bitch ......
Millionaire hand water created in 1996 ...., Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Ghouse who fled immediately after Anwar was arrested in 1998. Rahim, former Penang Umno Youth chief is the custodian of wealth abroad Anwar The Fuck ... Yesterday he sat next to the VVIP guest place A Samad Said.
CIA agents are specially invited by The Fuck Anwar ...????
Chairman of the Da'wah Bureau of PKR, Dr Mohd Nor Manutty tasked to Anwar's prayer immediately into the Sungai Buloh prison ....?
Both the above two recordings prove that and Ustaz Hadi Awang Haji Mat Isa Nasharuddin willing to attend NO ...., which represented his party would have members of Erdogan, Din Puduraya and Member of Parliament for the approval of the SRP ..., Mahfuz Omar Bean!
Nik Nazmi despite being sacked by Khalid stutter from the office of Political Secretary to Selangor MB but still in place the main dibarisan PKR leadership of MPP ...., like Rafizis case, The Fuck Anwar will determine "who sits where ..."
Seem strong candidates Batu Sapi Damn her to 'jump' the sea twice, Ansari was busy sms as bored silly saying, Wan Azizah ...
Khalid: ".. Lat, do not close close I saangat sa sa, nan nan naanntii Kak Eli angry laaa .."
[He maintain gaaagaaaaapp]

"Uncle Lim aaaarr .., later when the U has to be Deputy Prime Minister that Kelantan had a project, give it to me okaaaayyy ..."

"Anwar is a gift from God ...., he was born to lead all of us, he man hebaaaaat .. I believe it Shamsidar asked ..."

Saifuddin: ".. aduuhhh, what's ghapla laa Manutty Nor do the speech for the song nie ...??"

Kit Siang: "haiyaaaa ...! Tiu NAA singg .. kaniniey .., what this great Anwar ..?" Lancau la Ajiiijaah ... "
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Congress Acts PKR .. Sitting side Izzah CONTENTMENT TAK "auntie Sam" ..?
PKR Congress at the opening ceremony held at the Civic Hall pagio yesterday, Nurul Izzah seem obvious do not want to sit down with the beloved Papanya besebelahan, Shamsidar Taharim ...

This could explain the above pictures to their hearts content ...

If true James Si bitch coward hearts options for power Anwar in PKR through official position of Deputy President, why it does not get support from family members themselves ...?? The Fuck Anwar

We also do not forget that Nurul Izzah has publicly stated that he would support a candidate pililahan Mamanya, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim ...

While the secretariat staff who operate the seat hall guests ask Izzah to sit next to Shamsidar, of course Anwar's eldest son whispered to him "no way I'm gonna sit Beside that blady Bitch ...!!"
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Photo Who is ..? Why is he not tired tired ..?

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Saturday, November 27, 2010
SSDE 2 - Klang UMNO Congratulations ..! Ustaz Kamal Saidin Tarbiyah Malay Successful Real Face About PAS ....

People in Port Klang DUN already risen ..!!! Yes, they are fed up with the PKR leadership crisis that led the destruction ..!

Last night at the Telok Gong, a majority of Malay villages, Series Road Show Talks SSDE 2 find a real touch! Estimate of 3.000 is the local audience that had flooded the compound of the Port Klang Umno Bilek Village landless movement Telok Gong. They are present to hear first hand what actually hoaxes, lies Alliance government came to power in the state after Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Response like this to give signal to the Pact that the state seat of Port Klang N46 could be captured again by UMNO - BN. The presence of people of various races; Malay, Chinese and Indian evidence that 1Malaysia hand water our Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak, the more reliable and able to erode the influence of Si Anwar bitch ..!

Sekalung congratulations and high up SYABAS speech to the UMNO Klang Part of their success on so hard to regain the Port Klang state seat ..! This is not the

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