Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Skandal Yb Shuhaimi.! Ada Penyokong Tegar ADUN Sri Muda Menangis Bila Baca Tulisan Ini....?

What is the real problem? Appointment to the post of State Secretary of Selangor is the absolute power of the Public Service Commission. Not such as Kedah and Johor with the State Services Commission, NSW State Secretary jurisdiction of appointment is specifically under the SPA. Dinegeri Even where it is located under the NPS, the Chief Minister there is no power of appointment of the Secretary, it is between the NPS and Sultans who ruled the country. Similarly, other state and federal level are under the SPA, the Chief Minister there is no power to appoint or dismiss Secretary. It is the ultimate jurisdiction of the PSC.

Why be so? Because we have a system of separation of powers. Because of separating political power and government. Government employees are civil servants. They serve the government, no matter who the government. With HRH Agong or Sultan states as their umbrella. That is why all arrangements are made in the name of the Agong.

Look at the envelope, whether it was written "Government Affairs" or "managing His Majesty". Never write "Managing the Prime Minister", let alone the "Managing the Chief Minister." That is why when the switch either in Kelantan, Penang, Sabah and others, the Government machinery is still running, because civil servants are the government administrators. Implementing Government policy, no matter who is also the Kingdom.

Similarly, WA State Secretary position. The law is very clear Selangor government body in the case of this. The appointment and dismissal of the jurisdiction SPA SUK. The SPA does not need to refer to the Prime Minister, let alone the Chief Minister for approval. This is not political appointments such as Setpol MB, Special Officer, Exco and others. Let alone the power, voice, even MB none in terms of the appointment or dismissal of the Secretary.

Main issue is the government come and go. Chief Ministers come and go. Today is tomorrow's opposition coalition BN. Today, tomorrow another BN. But the government service is still running, for government services only to administer and implement the policy of any government in power.

If it is true they were foremost in rejecting want to follow the law, friends want to ask him under what law they appoint Anwar as economic advisor to the state? With a waste of public money to complete the office, logistics personnel and equipment to his office. Does the revelation god bless appointment I download it? What benefit the people of Selangor to the appointment? Selangor Economic dock like that too. Brigandage rampant sand without end. Agencies and their children Government of Selangor finished politicized, with the election of politicians kejawatan Chairman and Board of Directors of the subsidiaries. Seat I just sit and collect the monthly allowance? Until fighting to pull the turban beard fighting for positions in the company!?

Actually that was behind the main issue of the appointment of Datuk Ahmad distort Khusrin is chauvinistic DAP leadership. They see Ahmad Khusrin assertiveness as a barrier to the implementation agenda of evil, chauvinistic and narrow them. After successfully memperlembukan some stupid Malay heads in Selangor, they felt that their agenda to hijack Selangor is in the grip, especially when there are Malays who are willing scoundrel and dibaruakan diperkudakan them.

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