Friday, September 9, 2011

Rupa Rupanya…, Anwar Ibrahim Yang Tergila-Gilakan Altantuya…??

Desperate ..! Yes, it measures significantly contribute laid Anwar Ibrahim has appeared increasingly under pressure because of the people, desperate to believe that the most best to clear the Saiful Anwar sodomy case is only one .., that Anwar must submit a DNA sample to prove that DNA is implicated dijubo Saiful Anwar is not the kerandut peler ...!

Play Environment Specialist .. One expert "gifts from God" is in Anwar's instincts are never in any of Malaya ... entire mankind, perhaps the entire world!

Cats who do not eat any fish ..? Play Nature which will not lie and rotate the issues the issue if desperate to escape ..?

Then, there came the story of .... Anwar Ibrahim whispered whispered to gurkha gurkha mercenaries! They need to confuse people ..! They need to Parry of people's minds ....! ... Danger, because the people were not convinced of Anwar .... The danger is that the people want Anwar to prove his innocence brave and not sodomizing Saiful ...

People getting wise to evaluate and do not want to be deceived! In people's minds, they also agreed that the best chance to evaluate their own where the truth lies and slander sitting in Anwar's sodomy case boldly confronting the process of submitting DNA samples. Anwar never gave them the title "People's Justice" has now backfired .. Anwar's people have risen to be brave and prove he is not the man that had Y

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