Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rating Menteri KDN Dibawah Paras NKRA Najib…!! Hishamuddin Hilang Mood Beraya…

Every day the Ministry of Home Affairs [HM] for criticism, seen as a troublemaker never been hard on this country's political troublemakers. Adu dumba and chaos rampantly Opposition politicians ..! They can do anything they like, they can say what they want .. they matter what ..! No need to fear because the Minister of the ministry "concerned with his own throat .."

Among his Blogger to see Josh play safe .., he feared losing the support of non-Malay votes in Parliament Sembrong, then clamp down on political troublemakers fucker that was championed by the DAP and PKR leaders Hisham "one eye closed".

Chief Akin be "incited the people" through lectures depose the government to invite people to this day but are more concerned Hihsamuddin kuih raya ..., too busy to spend a raya ..!

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