Monday, September 5, 2011

Pray Anwar does not become PM’

By Stephanie Sta Maria, FMT PETALING JAYA: Oposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s recent conduct in the High Court has so incensed Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali that the latter has put out a call for Malaysians to pray for the fomer’s political demise. Anwar had delivered a hour-long statement from the dock on Monday denying that he had sodomised his aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, in 2008. His decision to make his statement from the dock meant that he could not be cross-examined. But numerous quarters questioned this move with his detractors surmising that his avoidance of cross-examination was reflective of his guilt. Ibrahim joined the criticism by branding this scenario as “truly insane”. “Saiful took an oath sat in the witness stand and...

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