Saturday, September 10, 2011


A German porn film star, Sexy Cora, died at age 23 after suffering complications when undergoing surgery to enlarge breasts.

The owner of the name of the original brown hair Carolin Ebert to undergo surgery to enlarge her breasts to six in the Alster Clinic, Hamburg, in January 2011. When the surgery is running, it was a heart attack and continue to coma. He died on Thursday (20/11/2011), nine days after undergoing the surgery.

Two surgeons who perform these surgeries are now facing prosecution on negligence them until death.
To a local newspaper, the husband Ebert says, "Damage to the brain too seriously. Blood pressure continued to decline, the functions of physics stop. Then he went to sleep calmly."
The woman is also the model in 2009 was the subject of headlines when it should be treated in hospital for trying to print a record of highest number of oral sex with men in 24 hours. Action stopped when he reached the 200 action, having to do with 75 men.

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