Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Panaasss..!! Siapakah Lelaki DURJANA Ini...?? Apa Kaitannya Dengan Pemimpin PKR..?

Saplings saplings cheap and sycophant sycophant so hard hardcore Anwar wants our country ... led by Anwar Ibrahim!

Wan Azizah with "coercion" that her husband is God Award! Istimewalah enough ....

What is the advantage Anwar ..? Iyaaa ..., Anwar is capable of "spectacular" his followers believe all bohongnya ... klentong and stories, and melopong gaped their agape ...!

If you have a chance to ask a former senior commander, Ezam Mohd Nor will tell not to face and hear the words he said ... would you be back from nawaitu and the original ..!

Ezam when they want to leave Anwar, his determination and consistent enough not to call Anwar to answer directly, do not want to hear Anwar ..! Despite the various methods developed by Anwar at the time such as using a mobile Saifuddin Nasution and Kamaruddin Jaafar, then Anwar told Ezam's wife Wan Azizah telephone and many more tricks like run ..., including the use of several individuals is Ezam respect ....

Watch the below, recording a lot of action-action-gabby Anwar, lying ..., lying ..., and continue to lie ...! Utterly Renunglah face and the faces Anwar ... If we ask the flunky flunky Anwar from the party, they would say is "light" in the face of Anwar! Haaaa haa ha ... .. nilaikanlah own you all ... ..,

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