Saturday, September 3, 2011

Panaass OMEGA! Akui Sudah TAK Tahan..., Tapi Tetap Tak Akan Tuntut Cerai Dari Suami!!

"I feel sad and tightened, but why did I want to be sad about the fact other people. My husband, I know him whom we have lived together for many years, "he said.

"Whatever happens we as women still have to advocate and wife of her husband. It's a huge reward rewards. When we are slandered, we reward ... "he added.

He is not willing to withstand the pressure due to various accusations and invective hurled against her, causing her children also had suffered ....

"Already, Enough slander my husband. We have enough family tormented by what happened. For a long time it continues to appear one at a guess. From toddlers to great.

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