Thursday, September 8, 2011

Panaass Jumaat..! Rumahtangga Nora Mohd Nor Hancur.., Bercerai Dengan Suaminya Untuk Berkahwin Dengan YB PAS Sebagai Isteri Kedua...

Posted so the story narrated by Tom Mak children, the mother of James Ali ...!

On the morning of Syawal noble, so glad it's grandchildren have the opportunity to feel touched their grandmothers cooking. Ketupat and rendang is a dream of every man who is celebrating Hari Raya Aidil Fitri morning that appears only once a year ...

Especially if the food we love grandma, grandmother, hand water that has experience in cooking food for bepuluh years, definitely delicious!

That's also the feeling of well-born and Shazliana Afifah instincts, they are the children of James Ali.

Even before touching .., new side dishes ketupat just scoop into a bowl, no sudden semena James scolded and raved .... "Do not eat ..! Do not sit down ..! All stool tu ...! Everything in the house all stool ni! Need tanned ..! "

Contact with a mother witnessed the sad feeling rough action, rude son ...
James became angry because when he arrived at home Mak Tom's mother, her sister, Ummi Hafilda and sister are already in the house was also to spend a beloved raya with my family.

That is the true character of a Member of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly, the party's deputy president, who wants a dream to become our nation's government ... See why ..!

Stage talks began his speech with blessings and salam upon Bless Muhammad and forgiveness ... but in the relationship among family members ..?

The content is in front of people's political talks, it is so fun James disparaging contempt kunuunnya shortcomings UMNO-BN government who could not manage the government, but the fact is how the malfunction of the family institution itself ..?

James tell his own flesh and blood equivalent to a stool to be tanned ..? In fact, James would sear their own flesh and blood called a "bitch and whore".

In James, creatures of God's creation is very noble Anwar Bin Ibrahim ..!

Even when fighting among siblings own the Norlia Kak Long, James arrogantly saying "I do good to you people all I can be what ..? Anwar may be for me millions .., you people can be ..? "

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