Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PANAAASS....!! Terbukti, Anwar Boleh Buat Apa Saja…..

Do we sometimes "mentela'ah" all conduct of Anwar Ibrahim with the naked eye. Look with the eyes ... Ask many veteran veteran UMNO nervous about witnessing "the rise of" Anwar Ibrahim when he was still in UMNO anymore.

1982, immediately after Anwar joined UMNO and ABIM leave, in the same year won the Malaysian UMNO Youth Chief Datuk Suhaimi Kamaruddin defeated. Anwar won with the only advantage of 10 votes. Next following year, 1983, Anwar was given the Deputy Minister ....

Only five years within the party, which in 1986 Anwar has become the most senior vice presidents, and his next steps "membentis" Tun Ghaffar Baba, the UMNO leadership election in 1993, to become the number two in the leading Malay party in this country? .

When Anwar was named Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, it is evident that he did not need long to sit dipersada throne Umno top posts at once became the number two "2nd Man in the country ..".

Looking a brief synopsis of the above actually wanted to portray that to face with creatures such as Anwar Ibrahim, we COMPULSORY think "one step ahead" if not ... we will only be fooled by the "farce" he ...

Tun Mahathir managed to perform this action [one step ahead] in 1998! The decision to expel Anwar from all official positions, as well as the next Umno and claimed Anwar with all his misconduct proven Tun Mahathir is "one step ahead" of Anwar ... At that time, Anwar was ready and preen in front of the mirror wants to be Prime Minister!

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