Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mat Sabu Semakin BIOL..! Selepas Bukit Kepong, Sekarang Sarjan Hassan Pula Jadi Mangsa....

After claiming the communists as a hero and accused the Bukit Kepong film as a historical lie, deputy president of PAS, Mat Sabu is questioned about screening of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

This is because according to him, each time arriving Heroes Day celebration, television stations are racing to show the film which starred the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee and Tan Sri Jins Shamsudin.

He claimed that, although the character of Sergeant Hassan, played by P. Ramlee was a kind and loyal, but he served the chief of the British and against the Remove who became an agent of Japan.

"I love this movie but do not have to appear on Heroes Day only. Tayanglah on any other good reason Hassan is a British agent, while the evil Remove Salleh Kamel is played by the Japanese agent, so both represent the colonialists.

"Why not create a film that tells the story of freedom fighter for the true homeland and do not let us film filter stories like that," he said at the Juru, near here, last night.

In the meantime, Mat Sabu continued to defend his claim that Mat Indra attacked Bukit Kepong police station is a real hero instead of 25 police personnel and their families to defend themselves in the attack at the station.

Obviously, if the late Dato 'Onn Jaafar and Tunku Abdul Rahman, regarded as freedom fighter, names like Isaac Muhammad (Pak Sako), Dr. Burhanuddin Helmi, Ahmad Boestamam, Ibrahim Yaacob, and a few others Malay nationalist should not be forgotten.

"In addition, if the Pelita Harapan University and Abdullah CD is driving the communists and rebels, why there are those among UMNO is willing to help them?" he said.

Thus he said, history does need to be changed and more needs to be told to younger generations so that they understand what is implied behind the country's history. The Star Online

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