Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mat Sabu Kata No Komen…! Sudah Beromen….?? Aisyemenn….

We all know the volume of cheap saplings saplings led coalition which has been mired Kiat Siang washing artisans and Karpal Singh .. not easily deterred them ..!

On the issue of voice recordings that are now spread Phone Sex, why Mat Sabu seems depressed ...?

Mat Sabu reaction is only put on the canal answered "no comment" to describe what the ..?

If the sound clip is certainly defamatory Mat Sabu will brag and say she will suit and will make a police report. Look at his own reaction Mat Mat Sabu on the issue of Indra, he is a fierce opponent for kunuunnya confident that the truth is the place ...

Pas deputy president, Mat Sabu refused to comment on sexual in nature recording a telephone conversation on the site YouTube that claimed his voice to a woman.

"No comment," he told a group of journalists present at the banquet feast organized by the Centre in Taman Melewar Pass yesterday afternoon ....

According to the news portal AgendaDaily, Mat Sabu no comment to say the word three times when a journalist asked him about the issue.

The first question asked was whether he had heard the recording, and replied no comment.

He also said no comment when asked whether to deny a voice in the recording, or otherwise.

Mat Sabu once again said no comment when asked to summon the footage of that.

The news portal claimed, somewhat serious tone when answering the third question.

Previously Mat Sabu and Normah Abdul Halim was arrested on charges that khalwat together in the Prime Hotel 121 rooms, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

How the two were acquitted of the charges for lack of evidence.

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