Friday, September 9, 2011

Khairy Melopong Gagal Tumpang Populariti Mat Sabu

Debate: Khairy claimed Kelantan trying gained popularity

KOTA BARU, Sept 7: Kelantan State Government today denied ever planning to hold a debate between the deputy president of PAS, Muhamad Sabu with the Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

Chairman of Information Committee, Information Development, Science and Technology, Dr Mohmed Fadli Hassan (pictured) said he never issued any official letter to invite any party to the debate.

"We (state government) has never issued any official letter of invitation to any party to organize the debate," he said.

He said what happened was, an email was sent by Ustaz Baihaqi Atiqullah, which asks for opinions on Khairy Jamaluddin, should be a debate between the head of Umno Youth together with the Deputy President of PAS.

"Ust Sufism is my deputy. He is only an opinion on Khairy via email, not a formal invitation.

"Ust Sufism and Khairy has already had before from this personal relations and the question is personal," she said.

He is also the Kelantan PAS information chief, said the Kelantan PAS mengajurkan willing to debate but not Muhamad Sabu with Khairy, the Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

"We do not want PAS deputy president Khairy use as a springboard to gain popularity in the party.

"Khairy is not received within Umno and the government and he would like to use this issue to gain popularity," he said.

He said that this misconception arises because Khairy respond to inquiries from the DJ saying tiwetternya Sufism through the Kelantan state government invited him to debate with Muhamad Sabu.

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