Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kes Liwat Anwar - Ulasan Menjelang 15 Julai

What ultimately Anwar sodomy trial on Saiful Bukhari Azlan ...?

Postponement again and again and again ... it's almost six months the court to present evidence and argument has been successfully prosecute and defend ditepis and avoided by Anwar Ibrahim!

Conscious or not, the behavior of Anwar now than he was when facing various charges in 1998-99 too much different. At that time, Anwar was not a bit terrified and afraid to step into the court, he set fire to the spirit of the people who supported the slogan "if fear of the risks do not talk about the struggle ... Fight ... Fight Fixed!"

But in this Saiful case, since the "lost" Coffee Boy who is absent from duty dipejabat Anwar, until this young man is reported actually have made a complaint at one hospital that he was sodomized by the boss, that is the starting point "ketakukan" Tamil hero Anwar Ibrahim's name ...! On the same evening by all partners in PKR partners, had begun to spread sms trying to gather as many supporters of Anwar supporters at the Quality Hotel Shah Alam "kunuunnya" their boss was put on hold because of the latest conspiracy trying to associate with sodomy, which is labeled as Saiful "appliance" BN ... Unfortunately, when you see the disappointing attendance, Anwar did not appear at the press conference.

The drama continued when the rumored Anwar went into hiding in the Turkish embassy in Kuala Lumpur in the early morning without being noticed by reporters who are still waiting dilobi hotel. When the Turkish embassy that they were "digelecek" by Anwar and non-intervention homeland political affairs, Anwar was forced to leave his hiding place. Outside the Turkish embassy was Anwar's "brag" that he was not hiding, but take precautions because there were attempts to kill him, then Anwar "calls" to supporters for mass bebalnya the PKR office in Tropicana night he would listen to an explanation delivered in a special lecture, it appears the presence of many people ignorant of the night deceived because Anwar afraid to appear again ... According to the PKR cloth, that night he did not attend because of the greater war with Wan Azizah.

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