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Kerana gilakan amah, suami sanggup keji bodi isteri Read more: http://kafesantai.blogspot.com/2010/12/suami-syok-amah-indonesia.html#ixzz1XB3UELv4

HM] KUALA LUMPUR: The heartbreak of a wife when her husband was married over 20 years ago to underestimate her breasts are not attractive before leaving to establish a love affair with Indonesian maids.

The unfortunate wife, who identified as Faridah, 43, claimed her 45-year-old ignores her and her children the past three months to live did not extend maintenance.

"My heart grew sick when her husband unashamedly told his intention to marry the girl of Indonesia next year.

"The most sad when my physical form is no longer attractive as well as my breasts are sagging be used sarcasm to insult and berate me in front of the children.

"He always called me complaining that he was lazy, weight watchers loss of appetite every time with me. I insulted my dignity to shame especially when he spoke in a voice deliberately high to be heard neighbors, "he said when met at his home in Gombak.

Faridah claimed that her husband is often compares itself with the Indonesian maids allegedly taut and supple leather for medicinal as well as tips on eating well-preserved.

Faridah who married in 1990, said a physical shortage condition suffered much due to genetic factors as well as forced feeding of all six children when they were little. Now his son, aged five to 20 years.

"Due to the hardship, I can not afford to buy powdered milk and had to give breast milk to all children. Some of them are sucking breast milk until the age of five years. Perhaps this factor is causing my breasts are no longer attractive, "he said.

He is dependent on selling rice cakes and other fat notify the thick of business to the children and the cause of her own home is often unmanageable.

"I'm sorry to be treated as if I had no self-esteem. In his eyes, I am quite disgusted to food that I serve are often not touched, "he said.

Faridah said, before he was a lot of sacrifices for the family knowing her small income as well as to bear the cost of house rent, school and family dining.

"But what I do is never appreciated when he was ravenous Indonesia fooling around with girls who work as maids.

"It's only when I noticed my husband's cell phone rings often at night before he is seen like to talk in a whisper.

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