Saturday, September 17, 2011

Keputusan Mesyt Khas GERAK Penuh Rahsia...???

According to news stories supposedly something "BIG" will take place today in the political arena. Hot stories there are 16 to 17 BN MPs to leave BN crossovers become a burning issue.

But ...., up to this time there was no spark of the country's new political story of the seeds will begin. Is the main motive of this news digembar loosen?

My focus is a Member of Member of Parliament from Sabah. Several representatives from the state under this breeze and the game received wide coverage by many journalists in the parliament, forcing one by one among them to make the denial. Among the representatives of the elected representatives have made my disclaimer is that Members of Parliament Members Kimanis [Anifah Aman], Kalakaban [Ghapur Salleh], Tenom [Raime Unggi], Putatan [Dr Makin Marcus Majingoh]

However, there are also some representatives of the people of Sabah are not denied having received "bids" to leave the Barisan Nasional and join Pakatan Rakyat to form a new government under the leadership of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

In this respect even though we had the opportunity to read the coverage by telling Agendadaily Kota Belud MP, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan found in the lobby of Parliament also claimed that he had received an offer from certain quarters recently that will enable several generations to live the party jump .

"Oh ... pay quite a lot ... I will tell you when the time comes ... two or three generations of happy," he said. He declined to give numbers, but described the actions as being immoral. He said the history of that particular call him moved to overthrow the BN government.

"They say corrupt BN government corruption ... .. I said this way too corrupt," said Rahman who is also secretary of Umno Youth Malaysia.

Also included testimony Malaysia UMNO Puteri deputy chief who also is a Member of Parliament for Papar, Sabah told Rosnah Abdul Rashid confirmed that he had received SMS messages from certain quarters to find 'casual conversation. He suspected it must be related to efforts to influence it joined the opposition to form a new government.

"I did receive messages from those who wanted to meet to discuss ... I do not serve SMS and do not intend even to find them," he said. Puteri Umno deputy chief of Malaysia was among several names mentioned in the issue of 'crossovers' warm diperbualkan recent years.

When Anwar Ibrahim will become Prime Minister? What is the first time we will support a non-Malay Deputy Prime Minister if that means to share power in the structure of the People's Alliance ....??

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